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The concept of community healing is a profound one. It relies on the principles that we really are our brother's keeper and as such can create a profound healing presence for each other when there are two or more together. The Healing Arts and Integrative Living Community Wellness Clinic's mission is to create an opportunity for each of us to take care of ourselves. It's an opportunity to preserve our health rather than salvaging it. The available services are Acupuncture, Massage and Reiki.

ACUPUNCTURE. This is a great way for someone who has never experienced acupuncture to try it. The selected treatment brings regulation and peace to clients. It regulates our body systems helping them to operate more efficiently, gives a sense of relaxation and satisfaction. Many report that this one treatment has helped them with stress, pain or insomnia.

MASSAGE works on the mental and physical level. Mentally it helps us to feel relaxed, nurtured and reminds us that we can get through life's dance. Physically the benefits of regular massage includes pain reduction, better circulation, enhances the lymphatic systems, reduces hypertonic muscles and tension, aids in sleep and stress reduction.

REIKI (pronounced RAY-key) is laying of the hands healing that employs the healing energy all around us. The practitioner does not use their own energy during a session, instead she is a conduit for the universal healing energy or life force that the client needs. Life force moves at the speed of light. Thus, profound changes can occur in a short period of time.

How the Mini-Sessions Work

First and foremost, please enjoy the healing atmosphere that has been created—nourishment for the senses, a place to replenish. We have several quiet places where you can just relax and "be" or you can take advantage of DIY healing treatments. On most occasions there will be healthy snacks and a few recipes to taste. Also you can make yourself at home and watch an informational health and wellness video.

You can purchase one, 2 or all 3 sessions. Each mini-session is 20 minutes. You will be surprised by how much can happen in 20 minutes. You can mix and match the DIY services and the mini-sessions and stay as long as you like.

Because of the limited time capacity, sign up early. Sessions fill up quickly. Call 202 525 4585 or visit Once you sign up, someone will call you to confirm your treatment plan. Your pre-payment will reserve your sessions. Please remember we are setting aside time, especially for YOU.

The first session is $45—this includes your session and access to the full experience. A second choice is $30 and the third choice $25. This is designed as a sampling of all of our services; please do not double book the same service. Also the prices are for each client so everyone starts out at $45.

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