INGREDIENTS in Stop the Pendulum

Chai Hu, Chen Pi, Xing Ren, Zhi Shi, Huang Qin, Gua Lou Ren, Fu Ling, Zhi Dan Nan Xing, Zhi Ban Xia,

Most of the herbs affect the chest area, that is, the lungs or heart. The inhalation and exhalation of the lungs reminds us of inspiration and letting go on a more subtle level. The heart, the center of our kingdom, houses the knowledge of who we are and what we are in the world to do.

Stop the Pendulum regulates and clears the chest of phlegm perhaps hidden phlegm (in the lungs) and descends our energy so that we are more grounded and stable.

This table shows the functional emphasis of the formula on dampness and movement of qi and some of the support functions of the herbs:

The dampness is long standing and has congealed into phlegm. Dampness in the body tends to get stored in the lungs and large intestines. It is often hidden. Mentally and emotionally, its presence creates misdirection and confusion, which leads to uncertainty and unsureness, which creates anxiety. Notice that some of the herbs transform this dampness into healthy fluid. The organs in the chest receive clarifying inspiration. Qi that is no longer needed is let go, clearing the way for the next step of proper decision making and clear thinking.

Notice also that the descending ability of the qi is stabilizing and regulating as it circulates down and up. This circulation cools the heat, removes blockages, and soothes the liver and gallbladder typically associated with anger and discord.


Severe heat signs such as fever, bloody nose; dry cough, tendency toward severe nausea diarrhea. Use caution during pregnancy.

Dampness/Phlegm Qi Support Functions
Chai Hu na Breaks up stagnation Regulates the liver
Chen Pi Dries Corrects the flow Brings qi to the abdomen
Xing Ren Descends Creates healthy moisture in the LI
Zhi Shi Transforms Breaks up stagnation Strengthens qi
Huang Qin Dries Descends Calms inflammation
Gua Lou Ren Transforms na Creates healthy fluid in LU and LI
Fu Ling Transforms Harmonizes Excretes useless by-products through urine
Dan Nan Xing Dissolves Balances (wind) Calms inflammation
Zhi Ban Xia Dries & transforms Descends Breaks up clumps