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In Europe, it is much more accepted that the process for healing is first to use self-help; if self help fails, to use alternative healing modalities (since there are no side effects); if still unsuccessful, to use prescription medicines and more invasive procedures.  Because of the emphasis on alternative healing methods, there are many more options and much more research into methods that stimulate the body to do its own healing. Colorpuncture is a system that began as light therapy guided by pre- and post- energy photographs called kirlian photographs. Over the years, it has continued to include other energetic modalities: crystal therapy, brain wave therapy and sound therapy.

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Kirlian Emission Analysis / Kirlian Photography

Scientists have spent years determining if photographs of the human energy field have any meaning, any diagnostic impact. Kirlian Photography is one of the techniques used to photograph our energy. It captures our energy emission at an instant. What story does the picture tell? It may be one of how we feel, what we think, what happened to us in the distant past, or what's hurting right now. All of these are energy. Emotions, thoughts, organs, even our relationships can be distilled to energetic transfers. Because there is this one source for our selves, looking at our energy emission can be a powerful way to understand how our emotions, thoughts and choices are impacting our health and our life.

This knowledge cannot fix us, or make it "go away." This is not a panacea. There is no promise of "taking 2 tonight and everything will be fine in the morning." However, armed with the knowledge of the energetic self, we can make life adjustments that will help us to avoid critical health problems in the future. We can move more smoothly through life. The Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis is used in conjunction with color or crystal therapy to track the impact of treatment. Or it can be used alone as an analysis to record how we are at a given time.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy uses precision-cut quartz crystals etched with holographic patterns that positively affect our bioelectric systems. Crystals re-balance the human energy system that has become disorganized or distorted by everyday life events. This re-patterning has far-reaching effects since illness does not happen at one time. It occurs over many years of unknowingly reinforcing the same distorted patterns. Note that an event, thought or behavior that does not disturb the energy pattern of one person, may create a distorted and distressful pattern for another. The structure of crystals is calibrated to address such patterns and can cause profound shifts in us, restoring wellness.

Brain Wave Therapy

In Brain Wave Therapy, the whole spectrum of the frequency for each wave type is offered to the body. The body, in its innate wisdom, regulates itself. The wave impulses act as reminders to the human system. It takes what it needs and ignores the rest.

There are 4 brain wave patterns: alpha, beta, delta and theta. We emit these waves when our brain is in different states. Alpha waves are emitted when we are in a meditative or thoughtful state. Beta waves are emitted when we are in an active state. Theta waves are often produced when we are drowsy or daydreaming. Delta waves indicate that we are asleep.

The presence of brain waves is the ultimate determination that an individual is alive. Brain waves are not a function in themselves, but are the result of the activity of the brain. Brain waves are altered by our state of consciousness. Consciousness, that is our thoughts and ways of being, can be a cause of our illness. Conversely, techniques such as autogenics, yoga, deep meditation and brain wave therapy have shown that consciousness can also be the source of healing.

Sound Therapy

Like light and color therapies, audio therapies have proven to be very effective in affecting the energetic and cellular level of clients. These sound therapies are effective for such problems as headaches, insomnia, concentration difficulties, and stress. They are a wonderful support to treatment since they can be used prior to a treatment session and used on a daily basis in between treatments.

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