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In Europe , it is much more accepted that the process for healing is first to use self-help; if self help fails, to use alternative healing modalities (since there are no side effects); if still unsuccessful, to use prescription medicines and more invasive procedures.  Because of the emphasis on alternative healing methods, there are many more options and much more research into methods that stimulate the body to do its own healing.

Colorpuncture is a system that began as light therapy guided by pre- and post- energy photographs called kirlian photographs. Over the years, it has continued to include other energetic modalities: crystal therapy, brain wave therapy and sound therapy.

What is its origin?

Peter Mandel, a German acupuncturist, naturopath, and the developer of Colorpuncture, has used scientific method to develop and document the effects of Colorpuncture. Dr. Mandel has incorporated the medical research of a wide range of recognized scientists, who specialize in the field of human energy medicine, to substantiate Colorpuncture theory and practice.

From a historical perspective, there are records that similar techniques were used in the ancient empires of Khemit (in the area of present day Egypt).

Why use it?

Colorpuncture has no side effects. As you know, we are electrical beings. That is why EEGs and EKGs work; these tests record our energetic signals and waveforms. Likewise, light is energy, which is 100% compatible with the body. Colorpuncture restores health to the body, deepens our relationship with ourselves, and dissolves old emotional and/or physical pains.

How does it work?

The skin absorbs the light energy, which is transferred via the cells to tissues deep within the body. Cells easily absorb light energy and our meridian system (as defined in Chinese medicine over 4,000 years ago) is affected by light.

No one knows how our energy system works. However, as in acupuncture and other evidence-based therapies, decades of research, observation and client feedback indicate that these therapies do work. In Colorpuncture, thousands of case studies validate the treatments.

Kirlian photography has been used to document the shifts in the client’s energy fields. Reactions are carefully documented showing that treatment outcomes are reproducible.

The client’s feedback and results are the strongest testimonial.

I’m not sure. Is Colorpuncture more risky than Western techniques?

Let’s really look at what Colorpuncture is from a very practical point of view. It is a technique, which shines light, regular colored light, on the surface of the skin. It does not introduce any toxic substances or substances with side effects, it does not require any type of surgery or anesthesia. It is a first choice, because it has such a low risk.

Unfortunately, people try many different more promoted Western techniques to no avail, before they try the techniques that put the body in charge and promote the body to do what it knows how to do—heal. Don’t make alternatives your last choice. They are usually much less damaging than Western techniques and more gentle. An ethical and professional alternative practitioner will encourage you to go to Western techniques if your situation warrants it. Even so, using the alternative and the Western together can boost the effects of the Western therapy and mitigate the side effects.

Prove it to yourself. Try it!

See for yourself.

Each session is accompanied by a before and after Kirlian photograph. You will be able to see how you have responded to the Colorpuncture treatment.

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