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Herbal Medicine

“We are what we eat” is not only true for food, but also for the many plants and substances of herbal medicine. Through bio-balanced plant medicine we maintain health. There is more research information available today to determine if herbal medicines interact with pharmaceutical prescriptions. Today, many medical doctors are more open to allowing professional herbalists assist them to integrate both foods and herbs into patients’ treatment plans.

As with Acupuncture, the body’s innate wisdom knows exactly how to use the healing properties of herbs. The correct herbs are determined by the same diagnostic methods used for acupuncture. Herbal formulas can be coupled with acupuncture as a synergistic pair.

Chinese herbal medicine employs poly-pharmacy to create formulas. This means that two to 12 (sometimes more) herbs are combined to provide a balanced, effective, and potent formula. You may receive an over the counter formula called a patent formula or you many need a custom formula. Typically, herbs are gentle and are slower acting than their Western pharmaceutical counterparts. Some pharmaceuticals start as organic plant matter. Powerful extractions concentrate or isolate active ingredients in these pharmaceuticals. Stripped of the supporting components, the pharmaceutical “concentrates” may not be balanced like the original plants; thus, there are side-effects. Western medicinals are typically much stronger than herbs and often faster acting; however, coupling them with herbs can help to balance their therapy making pharmaceuticals more effective with less side effects.

Herbal formulas address conditions that are physical, mental, and emotional, such as pain and trauma, insomnia, reproductive issues, depression and other emotional issues, brain fog, digestive issues, to name a few. Lately, many people are turning to more natural therapies to avoid surgery, pharmaceutical addiction, or organ damage. Certain herbal formulas can be taken for extended periods of time without side effects to manage chronic conditions. Amazingly, herbal formulas can help to rebuild our bodies and may correct or permanently improve conditions.

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