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"I have received acupuncture treatments for over 5 years. While I'm a total believer in the healing system, I have to say that I've never had treatments like yours. You and your needles heal my body, mind, and soul. The past two years have been a struggle for me, as I relocated to the state, starting a new and demanding job, and began a new relationship. Through all of this, my body responded to the stress through sciatica flare-ups, digestive problems, chest and sinus pain. At this time, all of that is healed. In addition, I have a stronger sense of myself and a restored ability to listen to my body and avoid further pain. You have become my favorite acupuncturist, my confidante, and friend. Thank you. Namaste'."

JG, Hyatysville, MD

"My experience with Stephanie Mwangaza Brown has always been a healing and positive experience. She has a warm and caring manner with her patients and she is a master in the placement of the needles. She has an uncanny intuitive ability to know what your body and spirit requires at any given time."

Dr. V Washington DC

“I made an appointment with Stephanie thinking that I would just get some physical re-adjustment and healing, but I never expected the emotional healing that would come with it.”

A.B, Washington, DC

"Accupuncture is not just about spot treatments. It is about treating your soul and participating in your healing."

ACE Laurel Md

"I had never had accupunture before I scheduled my appointment with Mwangaza Brown two years ago. She has shown accupuncture to be a wonderful treatment option to heal, restore balance and achieve good health. Mwangaza is experienced and caring. Her practice offers a peaceful and soothing treatment environment."

SD Washington, DC

"I turned to acupuncture after realizing that every doctor I saw prescribed medicine for a different symptom, none of which were effective in addressing the overall problem. I wanted a more holistic approach, which I found with acupuncture. I have seen four different acupuncturists over a number of years, all of whom were extremely competent. However, I believe Mwangaza to be truly gifted. She is incredibly intuitive, and that is manifested time and again in her healing practice."

MO, Washington DC

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