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The remarkable advancements of the 21st century challenge us personally, interpersonally, environmentally, and globally. As a result, personal success no longer ensures a good life.

The call to action is clear. We must rise to a higher standard, find our place in the global community, and play a vital role in the survival of our planet. Physical, mental, and emotional evolution is the key to achieving personhood and moving beyond mere human existence. Not answering this call may result in marginalization and, over time, threaten survival. But this is a new day; we have a new way.

Join us in answering the call to become part of a thriving, interconnected world. The first step starts with you… unleash your power!

Getting to the Heart of the Matter Course

Applied Knowledge about Chakras, 5 Elements, and the Tree of Life

This course aims to familiarize participants with several models of natural medicine. We will apply these models to assess ourselves and design solutions to life’s problems. The shared techniques can be used with clients, families, or ourselves.

We are co-creators of our lives and environments. As such, the way we do things, the way we think, and what feels good and correct are heavily influenced by the people and environments we have been exposed to from birth until now.

What about other possibilities? Have we adopted the best patterns and processes? How can we evaluate our progress? How do we make systematic changes? Where do we start? We will begin to answer some of these questions.

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Word As Needle Workshop Series

Living with good character is essential for building strong relationships and achieving success. But in today's corporate society, it can take time to maintain these principles. That's where the 5-element system comes into play. Based on the principles of nature, this system provides a guide for elevating your consciousness above everyday thinking, allowing you to develop a long-range vision and strategy that directs you to success while preserving good character.

Previously, only a select few individuals and communities set economic and political ideologies and strategies. But today, there is a greater opportunity for many strong and directed individuals to make an impact. By practicing the principles of the 5-element system, you can act with integrity, decisiveness, power, and generosity and become a respected and admired member of your community.

Join our workshop and learn how to apply the 5-element system to your life. Discover how to use nature's principles to guide your actions and elevate your consciousness while maintaining good character. Our experienced facilitators will guide you through exercises and discussions to help you understand and apply these principles in your daily life. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your life and become a powerful force for good in your community.

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